Our Services :

Consulting & Training

Conscious Leadership, Capitalism, Consumerism & Living, Developing & Designing Sustainable CSR framework, SROI & ESGs Training, Impact & Need Assessments.

Mentoring, Incubating & Handholding

To develop new age social & responsible entrepreneurs & start-ups with innovation to address community specific issues.


Conference/Events, Webinar, Networking & Awards

Business Meets & Responsible Lobbying with Govt., Multilateral Groups, Corporate, Academia, Investors (VCs) & CSOs/INGOs.



Working to support Goal#4 (SDGs) of Quality Education, Conscious Ventures will be developing “Learner Centric education ventures”.



Working to support Goal#3 of Good Health & Well-being-Social, Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual well being



AI (Artificial Intelligence), BlockChain, IoT & Web Based Apps/Services


with ESG & SDGs factors (Seed & VC Funding)


Sports for Human Development, Diversity, Inclusion, Peace & Empowerment

Sustainable & Responsible Tourism

To support community based responsible tourism (following WTO guidelines)

Green Energy & Infrastructure (Goal#7)

Promoting Solar & other renewable energy sources

Waste Management

State of Art Waste Management Processes & Solutions


"Conscious-Ventures" is unique collaborative platform of concerned stakeholders setup to achieve inclusive social & economic growth for regional cooperation & diversity through “network of like-minded entrepreneurs, impact investors, social scientists & passionate professionals”.

Conscious-Ventures (CV) is well known for its collaborative community-centric business endeavours with special focus on women & youth change-makersin South-Asia region.

Infused with innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit & the excitement of accepting worthy challenges, Conscious-Ventures is working to strike balance between “Socially Responsible Ventures & Profitability” by integrating ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) parameters and seventeen global goals of United Nations (UN-SDGs).