CEO's Message

After learning, relearning & unlearning for almost three decades in the professional life, moving from “technology space to developmental space”, shifting working philosophy of “single bottom line to triple bottom line”, understanding “working models of corporate world to developmental space”, vide range of local to global exposure has taught me different curves of life & if I say there is nothing left to learn, it will be biggest mistakes, so the journey of acquiring knowledge & experience is still going ON.

With deep gratitude to all my gurus/mentors, guides, colleagues, friends, am trying to bridge the “socio-economic” divide of the society from experience gained in the past through our new endeavour “Conscious-Ventures- business with higher purpose” with our alliance & knowledge partners.

The simple purpose of “Conscious Ventures- business for higher purpose” is to meet new challenges, world is facing today with emerging opportunities, innovative business models & new impact driven investments are creating.

“Conscious Ventures” is an innovating & collaborative platform of domain experts & passionate professionals with clear objectives to elevate ethical & benevolent business culture in the domain of “education, health, technologies, training & energy” & contribute towards climate change, fair-trade practices, driving social, cultural & gender inequality, governance etc. with ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) integration.

Infused with “innovative ideas”, “compassionate entrepreneurial spirit” and the “excitement of accepting worthy challenges”, Conscious Ventures will help new age entrepreneurs with special focus on “women & youth” to strike right balance between “profitability & responsibility” by synchronizing with UNs Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

I strongly feel that, creating a different possibilities for business can only be achieved by working & engaging various stakeholders (Govt., Non Govt., Corporate, Academia, CSOs etc.) & to seek their intellectual support to build sustainable world. The main objective of Conscious Ventures is not doing only kindness to others, it’s all about doing “NO DAMAGE” through business interventions at all levels.

Today 90-95 per cent businesses are struggling to figure out a cause to take up that will result in social good as well as make sound business senses. With our team of enlighten advisors & global partners, we hope to provide accurate and inclusive perspectives to facilitate businesses inachieving intended impact for their conscious decision-making process to take their business to next level.

I personally invite all like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs & investors to join us to buildbrighter tomorrow by developing conscious thinking & working culture.

Thank you very much for your time & interest

Anil Jaggi Dr. Anil Jaggi CEO - Conscious Ventures - business for higher purpose

"Conscious-Ventures" is unique collaborative platform of concerned stakeholders setup to achieve inclusive social & economic growth for regional cooperation & diversity through “network of like-minded entrepreneurs, impact investors, social scientists & passionate professionals”.

Conscious-Ventures (CV) is well known for its collaborative community-centric business endeavours with special focus on women & youth change-makersin South-Asia region.

Infused with innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit & the excitement of accepting worthy challenges, Conscious-Ventures is working to strike balance between “Socially Responsible Ventures & Profitability” by integrating ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) parameters and seventeen global goals of United Nations (UN-SDGs).