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Our mission “business with higher purpose” can play an important role for elevating humanity to next level. In this fast changing world, one must know why business should exist and find clear reasons beyond just making profits. As profit making is essentially important to sustain & chase our dreams but not as an end in & of itself.

Today we need more conscious business leaders to inspire & guide the society at large, who can see clear path & motivate others to travel along the path.

Conscious leaders understand & embrace the higher purpose of business & focus on creating value and harmonizing the interests of the business stakeholders. Today we need to integrate conscious thinking & working culture for business decision making to meet ESG (environment, social & governance) index & United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Being socially responsible organisation & willing to transform the world with your “Out of Box” business ideas, we are honoured to welcome you to call, discuss & design strategic framework of your business to remain responsible & sustainable.

With rich experience & global reach of our powerful team, alliance & knowledge partners, we are just email/call away to jointly make the difference.


"Conscious-Ventures" is unique collaborative platform of concerned stakeholders setup to achieve inclusive social & economic growth for regional cooperation & diversity through “network of like-minded entrepreneurs, impact investors, social scientists & passionate professionals”.

Conscious-Ventures (CV) is well known for its collaborative community-centric business endeavours with special focus on women & youth change-makersin South-Asia region.

Infused with innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit & the excitement of accepting worthy challenges, Conscious-Ventures is working to strike balance between “Socially Responsible Ventures & Profitability” by integrating ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) parameters and seventeen global goals of United Nations (UN-SDGs).